Waterloo, Ont., startup aims to take medical marijuana growing high-tech

Kaneh Bosm BioTechnology Inc. is poised to become a leader in the rapidly evolving global Cannabis sector. Kaneh Bosm’s ‘Cannabis Dream Team’ has identified a number of high value strategic entry points into this sector. We believe this multiple revenue stream model will maximize shareholder value and catapult Kaneh Bosm into a leadership position within the Cannabis sector.

At Kaneh Bosm our depth of experience within the Cannabis sector gives us a notable advantage understanding this business by predicting market trends and favourably positioning the corporation to earn maximum profits. We identified the strategic verticals that exist within this sector, and we have selected those that strongly support our team’s strengths.

KANEH BOSM – Penticton Indian Band Joint Venture

CANNABIS PRODUCTION FACILITY – Licensed Producer Application

Kaneh Bosm has signed a non-binding LOI with the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation (“PIB”) for the development of a Joint Venture partnership to pursue a Licensed Producer (“LP”) application under Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Production Regulations (“MMPR”). While non-binding in its format, this LOI the will be used as the basis for the preparation of a final definitive agreement to be negotiated and agreed to by the parties within 120 days.

Under the terms of this LOI Kaneh Bosm will become the exclusive partner to PIB for the production of Cannabis and other biomedical and therapeutic plants. A jointly held, newly created Joint Venture entity will be created for the initial purpose of pursuing a Licensed Producer (“LP”) designation under Health Canada’s MMPR system. Future endeavors of the JV may include the large scale production and processing of other biomedical and therapeutic herbs, and the production of commercial Cannabis should Canadian Federal legislation be created to enable this to occur.