A brief introduction to cannabis

October 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

A primer on the cannabis chemical that doesn’t get you high and why it’s in high demand. 


There’s a lot of smoke in the air since legalization of Cannabis happened in October 2018. It’s easier than every to get lost in the haze. We’ll I’m here to help you get some clear vision. There are a lot of words and acronyms like THC and CBD being tossed around and it can be easy to get confused if you’re unfamiliar with the terms. 

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol

That’s TETRA-HYDRO-CANNA-BINOL (You can see why it’s called THC), and it is the main psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. These offer a variable of effects on the perception and body of humans. Different plants have different effects and can cause different effects from person to person but in general can cause general altered sense of perception, increased appetite, calmness and fatigue.  Bas

THC is also sought out for its own ability to treat medical ailments such as Multiple sclerosis and Chronic pain

CBD – Cannabidiol

That’s CANNA-BIDIOL (Less complicated but still tricky to say) and is structure differently with the same components than THC. If you’re trying to treat an ailment or illness with cannabis and don’t want any cognitive disorientation, or the ‘high’, then CBD is probably what you’re looking for. This is the main property of Cannabis that’s used for medicinal purposes. 

CBD is a way to enjoy the positive health benefits of Cannabis without succumbing to unwanted cognitive effects. THC can be a little overwhelming for some people’s system and that should not be a deterrent for seeking it as a medicinal remedy. Health is just as important as recreation and Cannabis posses many natural ways to benefit from its existence. 

Research indicates that CBD may help and bring relief for anxiety, depression, epilepsy and psychosis. Just to name a few. It’s also shown that in limited studies there is significantly less chance for abuse in humans. There is a 2017 World Health Organization study on Cannabidiol that lists diseases and the possible effects of CBD on them and their subjects. While the results are still incomplete, just a small glass and this table can bring relief. 

CBD is probably the most commonly available medical source of CBD on the market.

It comes in several forms such as tinctures, edibles, wax and of course liquid. The CBD oil can also be infused with lotions to create a balm for irritated skin and joints. It’s easy to see why CBD is one of the more highly researched chemical components of the Cannabis plant. 

With the help of your physicians’ recommendation you can seek medicinal CBD products. It’s important when seeking medical product that you find a reliable and Licenced Producer. Companies with positive reputation like Aurora whose emphasis is primarily on health and wellness can really provide insight into which CBD product is good for what is ailing your health.  

If you are thinking of trying Cannabis for health and wellness reasons, then I hope this article has provided some insight to your questions. Stay safe and be healthy.