Ample Organics Grows “Made in Canada” Seed-to-Sale Technology

June 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Patient Resources

As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow at lightning speed, its surrounding government regulations are evolving in unexpected, unprecedented ways. It’s a combination that makes for innumerable diverse challenges for cannabis producers, especially while rapidly scaling up operations. That’s why in 2014, John Prentice created Ample Organics — the most comprehensive seed-to-sale software created specifically for marijuana producers.

Canadian-owned and operated, Ample Organics was designed from the ground up to be fully compliant with Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or ACMPR (formerly Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations or MMPR). As outlined in Health Canada’s stringent regulations, Licensed Producers must keep meticulous records of every facet of operation, and independently manage their sales, shipping and customer relations. Licensed Producers must also comply with Health Canada audits. “Health Canada has the strictest regulations on medical marijuana anywhere in the world,” Prentice says. “The reporting capabilities and record keeping requirements are extensive.”

Leveraging the strongest modern software and hardware platforms, Ample Organics provides a truly holistic ERP solution for every aspect of cannabis production: complete tracking of every single plant through cultivation and harvest, including waste logging; detailed client database management; integrated e-commerce with a customizable web store; inventory-aware order fulfillment; simple oneclick reporting; and much more.

Prentice points out that his software is also fully PCI compliant and meets the rigid requirements of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). “Our software is built for security and we consider the protection of client information a top priority.”

Currently, all medical cannabis orders must be placed online or over the phone. To simplify this process, which can be extremely complicated, Ample Organics has integrated and automated insurance policies, prescription limits, and product potency thresholds. Looking to the future, Prentice is prepared for the cannabis sales model to evolve. “Canadians will expect options about where and how to buy their product,” he says. “They may want to purchase a specific product. They may want to buy in-store, online or have it delivered to their home. Ample Organics will be right at the center of it all.”

Clinic networks, patient referral organizations and sales representatives have also been factored into the Ample Organics ecosystem. Those methods of patient acquisition have become increasingly important as the competitive landscape broadens. Ample Organics’ ability to link new client accounts with referral sources has allowed Licensed Producers to boost client registrations significantly.

Perhaps the most important component of Ample Organics, especially in regards to compliance, is the cultivation management module, which uses a barcode scanning system to track every single plant from seed to harvest, and log every event and interaction in the life of each crop. Using that data, Ample Organics is also able to provide an overview of production times, expected yields and other enhanced reporting features.

In addition to plant management, Ample Organics leverages barcodes in almost every other physical process that occurs inside a facility. Prentice says that “barcode technologies are thoroughly employed to deliver enhanced traceability and chain of custody management through every step of the process.”

Prentice is excited about the future of Ample Organics. “Over the coming years, the way this industry works will change at a fundamental level,” says Prentice. That’s why he believes that a customizable industry platform, built specifically for medical marijuana businesses, is the key to scaling effectively, growing efficiently, and maintaining regulatory compliance, however those regulations evolve.

“The medical marijuana world is really just beginning to take form. No matter how the regulations change, no matter how large or small your scale,” says Prentice, “Ample Organics has you covered.”