Anxiety and Marijuana

October 8, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Consuming cannabis moderately for your physiology is crucial.

Throughout the years you may have heard about the cannabis plant and its adverse effects on human psychology. Specifically about anxiety.

Many recreational cannabis users say they or someone they know have become anxious after consumption. This may seem to go against conventional knowledge that cannabis can remove stress and anxiety.

The truth of the matter is that, like anything else, cannabis can be abused and induce such feelings. If used responsibly it  can treat a variety of ailments. Everyone has a different physiology. This can cause different reactions from person to person. It’s important to know the plant as well as you know yourself before consuming. 

If you want to avoid anxiety and have a nice relaxed experience with cannabis, there are a few things you can do to have have a positive experience. 

Strain: Indica and CBD

The first thing to know before consuming cannabis is the strain and its effects. We suggest selecting an Indica instead of a Sativa . The Indica strain is known for having calm and relaxing properties on your body. Indicas are a safe bet for slowing your senses.

CBD has a broad pharmacological profile, including interactions with several receptors known to regulate fear and anxiety-related behaviors.”*

 When selecting your strain, consider selecting one with a larger CBD property than THC. 

Being comfortable

Being in a familiar place while smoking or ingesting your cannabis is a significant step.  If you know you’re prone to anxiety attacks during a marijuana session, a good way to avoid this is to partake in a space that is familiar too. Maybe you’ve used marijuana but still need to drive (Never smoke a drive), It could be that the space is too small or too noisy. The point is that the environment you choose to consume marijuana in is as crucial to your comfort as strain you choose. 

Soothing Noises

If you do select the proper strain, choose a good environment and are still succumbing to some anxiety, there is still one more thing you can do. Play some music. Play some of your most favourite slow tempo and melodic tunes and turn your headphones on. Listening to music can calm people down normally and it can also be the case when suffering from anxiety. We know that music affects the way humans feel. If humans are more prone to intense feelings while on cannabis, playing calm soothing music is a way to fight the anxiety and return to a neutral state.

Of course, if severe anxiety persists, seek professional help. It is very important for the recreational user or patient concerned about anxiety to visit their physician and get a proper diagnosis.