Audacious Brands Enters Massachusetts – Partners with Belle Fleur and Rapper Weed

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Audacious Brands (CSE: AUSA) (OTC: AUSAF) (“AUSA”, “Audacious”, or the “Company”), formerly known as Australis Captial Inc, announced today June 23rd, 2021, it has entered into a partnership with influential brands Belle Fleur and Rapper weed and have begun expanding in the USA with new planned ALPS facility.

Who is Involved

Audacious Brands
Formerly known as Australis Capital Inc, Audacious Brands is a Multi State Operator of Cannabis Companies that acquires and operates brands based in the US. Audacious Brands has undergone a recent rebanding following the appointment of Terry Booth as CEO, earlier this year. They have since begun to execute operation expansions country wide while establishing partnerships with influential cannabis brands, reshaping the legal cannabis landscape in the process. 

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A major subsidiary of AUSA, ALPS is a formidable name in the custom-engineering of agricultural indoor/outdoor greenhouse technologies. In recent years, ALPS has focused intensely on creating solutions for licenced cannabis growers, and is now a leader in custom high-tech greenhouse solutions. Being a subsidiary of AUSA, ALPS enjoys robust funding to take its designs into the future of commercial high quality cannabis production.

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Belle Fleur
Newly founded in Boston by the well-known music industry entrepreneurs responsible for Rapper Weed, Rolandy Romelus, Irvin Whitlow, and Domenico Cardarelli, have acquired a Tier 11 high-tech grow facility license which will allow them 100,000 sq ft of canopy space in the state of Massachusetts.

With the assistance of AUSA’s major owned subsidiary ALPS, Belle Fleur will receive a newly constructed and cutting edge APIS compliant facility, in exchange Belle Fleur will provide canopy space for AUSA exclusive brands at a cost +5% agreement.

Cardarelli, CFO of Belle Fleur, describes his vision for the company, and how AUSA stood out from the crowd.

“In AUSA we have found a partner that is the perfect complement to Belle Fleur in many ways. Through ALPS we will be able to develop a facility that will be the benchmark in cannabis production in Massachusetts, enabling us to grow products to our very exacting standards, while at the same time ensuring our production costs are among the lowest in the industry. That provides us with a massive competitive advantage.”

Rapper Weed
“I just bought $1,000 worth of Rapper Weed at Cookies in Maywood. These guys have the best flower in the game.” – Machine Gun Kelly

Founded in Los Angeles, by the Belle Fleur team, Rapper Weed has earned a place in the cannabis high end market at record speed. Irvin Whitlow, CFO of Rapper Weed, has worked with music industry producers like Cheeze Beatz and Ayo & Keys, resulting in his widespread recognition by industry leaders and fans alike.

Whitlow explains his vision,  “We believe in curating authentic moments in which everyone can feel comfortable consuming cannabis. Gone are the days when weed was looked down upon. Cannabis is a social and a medical herb, and we at Belle Fleur and Rapper Weed pride ourselves in creating experiences that show how cannabis is part of a lifestyle, including music, art, fashion and food.” 

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The New Massachusetts Facility

Benefitting from ALPS’ high end design, the high-tech ultra-modern facility will cultivate GMP and GACP compliant cannabis strains, using advanced technology to ensure operating costs remain within optimal parameters. The facility is likely to approach the Tier 11 allowance of 100,000 sq ft of growing space. 

Construction is set to begin within the next 30 days.

Supply Agreement

Belle Fleur will dedicate a portion of the canopy space to AUSA (Audacious Brands) exclusive brands at cost plus 5% arrangement, which helps further leverage the partnership. AUSA will now be able to allocate growing space to it’s own house within a high-tech facility and that of their partner brands at great cost efficiency. 

Terry Booth, Audacious (AUSA) CEO, explains, “This arrangement completely validates our strategy and is a great example of how synergies between AUSA/ALPS and our partners Rapper Weed create a win-win-win situation for everyone involved, while creating shareholder value. Our ownership of ALPS, the premier facility design firm in the business, is enabling us to execute on a strategy that is unique and very difficult to imitate…”

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