Creative Edge Nutrition Fiasco: Lakeshore Tells Health Canada, ‘Not In Our Backyard’

October 28, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Cen Biotech Inc

Out of the 1,009 applications Health Canada has received, 462 were returned because they were incomplete, another 201 were refused and 32 were withdrawn, which leaves 314 eligible applicants.

With 314 eligible Licensed Producers and no new licenses issued, it seems unlikely that Health Canada would bestow the coveted MMPR license to a company with so much drama. At this rate, the company has a .159% chance if granted municipal approval before new licenses are issued; a 0.08% chance if municipal approval is granted after another applicant is licensed; and finally a 0.000254% shot at getting a license if it does not obtain municipal approval.[2] If the community says that the facility does not comply with the municipality’s bylaws, there’s literally a 1/1,000,000 chance that Health Canada will issue them a license.

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