Healthy Holiday Fun

June 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ LIfestyle

As we prepare for the coming cooling temperatures, some folks begin to turn into bears and hibernate.

While fighting against our inner urge to hibernate can be difficult, there are several benefits to staying active around the holidays and have some fun while you’re at it.

By participating in these activities with your family this holiday, you’ll not only feel healthier, but happier too, and closer to your family!


1 – A Pick Up Game

No matter what part of the country you’re in, there is always time for a pick up game in the afternoon, hockey to basketball, strapping on those skates, whatever, the main objective is to get out there. Spending an hour on any pick up game is an excellent way to stave off holiday weight gain too! Call your neighbours for a quick match, bundle the kids in rain gear or snow suits, and after a few minute of whopping and hollering with friends and family, you won’t notice the hour fly by!

2 – Bowling

Maybe the last time you bowled was on a date in college, or maybe you once practiced on a league an eon ago. Well, what goes around comes around. This old school activity is making a come back. Take your crew and reserve a few lanes next to each other for full effect and a fun, loud evening! Remember, throwing a ball is sort of like a yoga move, at each part of the motion, you need to concentrate on your form. As you step then throw the ball, you will be using every major muscle group , especially the leg and butt muscles that otherwise might be planted on your couch!

3 – Holiday Lights Walk

Choose a neighbourhood that takes Christmas decorating to a new level, (there’s usually an area or two of note in most communities) then park the car nearby and take the whole family for a neighbourhood stroll. Take time to talk to the neighbours and congratulate them on a job well done. Even at a moderate pace, you can walk 5,000 steps in an hour, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy and delight yourself at the same time of walking more to your daily ultimate goal!

4 – Rink Time

Skating – roller or ice – is an inexpensive way to do something active. If you’ve never laced up skates before you’re in for even more fun! Roller rinks offer in-line skates, which many find easier than the traditional two and two wheel set up.

While potentially burning as many calories as running, skating is considered a low impact exercise. The trick to staying upright is to lean slightly forward,  should your weight shift back, you’ll lad on your tush!

5 – Laser Tag

You’ll be surprised at what a great workout laser tag can be and, how much fun you and your family will have on the course. A great cabin fever and stress  reliever , laser tag is simply a kids game.  Divvy up the family into teams and your off for at least 20 minutes of crazy fun! Before you start we recommend a some warm ups before game starts, such as five minutes of jumping jacks or jogging in place, followed by some light stretches. Your muscles will thank you afterward!

6 – Snow Sculpting

The formula for a do it yourself Frosty is pretty simple, Roll up 3 balls of snow, stack and decorate. But your family can be more creative than that…right? Try for the centipede with a younger family, roll many balls and assemble in a snaky line and decorate the first ball with the smiling face of a centipede! Aim for making one new snow creation a week. Remember if the snow doesn’t fall in your neighbourhood, check for local parks in higher elevations and climb in the car to your destination!

7- Trail Blazing

Heading to parks and other trails in your neighbourhood might be a good activity while the bird is cooking. Create a short scavenger hunt for the kids or simply walk and talk. For more serious hikes, bring a bird book and some binoculars. The trick to hiking is to make it a fun activity rather that just a walking through the forest for kids, it should have that extra fun element! Don’t forget the snacks, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break during a hike, and don’t forget the snowshoes if the snow is deep where you go!