Medical Marijuana Ontario

August 12, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Patient Resources

Medical Marijuana Ontario

Medical Marijuana Ontario – Health Canada has approved the applications of several companies to produce medical marijuana in the country, many of which are based in the province of Ontario. We will be reporting on some of the currently licensed medical marijuana producers in Ontario, Canada.


Med ReleafMedReleaf’s licensed medical marijuana production facility is located in Markham, Ontario. They have developed a unique and exclusive relationship with Tikun Olam, the world-renowned Israeli medical cannabis innovator. This allows them to bring Olam’s proprietary varieties to patients in Ontario and across Canada.

MedReleaf’s menu of medical marijuana provides a creative experience as the majority of providers tend to rely on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) percentages, however; MedReleaf focuses on the individual scents and flavours of their available strains of medical marijuana. Their product information pages includes pricing, blend and cannabinoid levels, therapeutic applications, and palate descriptions. Their attention to terpenoids, the odorous compounds in cannabis is encouraging, as they impact taste and medicinal properties.

MedReleaf currently offers twenty-two (22) different varieties of medical marijuana, with four more coming online this winter. They vary between indica and sativa dominant blends with THC ranges between 10% and 23%. Their winter releases will include two blends with THC levels at 29.1% and 28%. Their pricing ranges anywhere from $5-$15 per gram.

Peace Naturals Project

Peace NaturalsPeace Naturals Project is a licensed medical marijuana producer in Stayner, Ontario. The company is dedicated to social responsibility including transparency, security, environmental sustainability and the education.  Peace Naturals also manipulates terpenoids to impact flavor profile and medicinal properties. Their product pages also list the flavour profiles and therapeutic applications for each of their currently available blends.

They currently offer nineteen (19) varieties focused on helping a variety of symptoms THC levels ranging from 9% to 20% in both indica and sativa strains.

Prices range from $6-$9 per gram.



TweedTweed is located in Smith’s Falls, Ontario. They’ve transformed the former Hershey chocolate factory into a state-of-the-art growing and harvesting facility. Tweed is also dedicated to education and helping doctors understand the benefits of medical marijuana.

Tweed has six (6) available blends, with THC levels from 4% to 18.2%. Current offerings are priced between $7 and $12 a gram. There are also nineteen (19) blends coming soon according to their website. Princeton, a Ghost Train Haze strain, will have the highest THC content at 25%. It will be priced at $11 a gram.

Their product pages include detailed profiles, therapeutic uses, flavor profiles, and customer reviews.

Additionally, Tweed is dedicated to a “Compassionate Pricing Promise,” which means 10% of their production will be priced at $5 a gram or less and a 20% discount program is available for eligible customers.


Medical Marijuana Ontario