Medical Marijuana Toronto

August 25, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Patient Resources

Medical Marijuana Toronto

Medical Marijuana Toronto – Canada’s laws are very specific about which medical conditions and in what situations you can use medical cannabis.

  • Category 1 use supports patients needs associated with end of life care or with specific medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS or cancer.
  • Category 2 use supports patient needs associated with life-altering symptoms of specific medical conditions.

Your first step is to speak with your health care practitioner. If your doctor and you come to the decision that medical cannabis is right for you, you’ll need to fill out a “Medical Document”. While the information requested on the application is essentially the same no matter which producer you choose to go with, most have their own specific form that they would prefer to use. Print it out at home and take it with you to your doctor’s appointment, so that your doctor can sign it, giving permission for your use of medical cannabis.

Most producers can begin processing your paperwork with an emailed or faxed copy of your Medical Document, but you must bring the original form with you when you go to pick up your order, or mail it in according to the cannabis producer’s instructions. You should be aware that not all distributors are accepting new clients at any given time. Because of the growth cycle of marijuana, you can’t just make more when you’re running low. Producers will limit new clients when they reach certain milestones, to insure that they maintain the supply that their current patients need. You must already have a signed and completed “Medical Document” before you can purchase medical marijuana in Toronto.

Usually, your doctor will want to make sure that you’ve already tried traditional therapies before moving on to medical cannabis. He or she will want to sit down with you and discuss your symptoms, your current management methods, and why you think your symptoms would be better managed with medical marijuana. Unfortunately, not all health care practitioners will be sympathetic to your desire to try medical marijuana.

View our list of medical marijuana clinics and doctors in Toronto and across Canada.


Mettrum Ltd

MettrumAn early player in the Canadian medical marijuana front, Mettrum Ltd was issued its license in October of 2013. Mettrum has had an uphill battle on its hands ever since it tried to open, facing strong public opposition after applying to convert an old hockey rink into a production center. Mettrum has committed funds to ongoing research as well, so that they can continue to develop their own strains, ensuring that they can continue to bring their clients the medications that they need. Mettrum uses a color-coded spectrum to differentiate between different types of medical cannabis, to make it easier for patients to choose which strain they need for their symptoms. Mettrum prices begin at $6.60/gram and they offer a 30/30 Assisted Pricing program, which gives clients a 30% discount on their first 30 grams purchased each month. Programs like this show that Mettrum is serious about helping their clients get the medications that they need.


Bedrocan Canada Inc

bedrocanA publicly traded medical cannabis producer, Bedrocan Canada Inc was issued its license in early 2014. Bedrocan is a subsidiary of Bedrocan BV of the Netherlands, and has been researching medical cannabis for over ten years. Because of their substantial experience in the medicinal cannabis industry, they understand both the needs of clients, and the regulatory paperwork involved in being a medical marijuana producer. Bedrocan offers five strains of medical cannabis, at a flat rate of $7.50 per strain, including shipping. They are currently working on bringing more varieties online. Their website includes notable research for each particular strain, making it convenient for patients who aren’t yet sure which strain they need to manage their symptoms. As you can see, there are a number of producers available in Toronto. Make sure that you do your research, checking them out online or calling their customer service lines to insure that they are currently taking new customers and that they carry a strain that can help your symptoms!


Medical Marijuana Toronto