Supreme Pharma Appears Well Positioned for MMPR Approval

November 19, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Press Releases

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (cse:SL) appears well positioned to become the next publicly traded licensed producer of medical marijuana. With a highly qualified team and top-tier operations, the company could become one of the largest producers in the industry, if it’s successful in obtaining a license.

Supreme Pharmaceuticals differentiates itself from many competitors with its client-centered, environmentally friendly and affordable medical marijuana that’s sustained through the marriage of commercial agriculture and traditional growing. With a pre-approval from Health Canada, the company recently raised over $2.5 million that it requires to complete the security upgrades and begin production.

By using natural sunlight rather than artificial light, the flagship greenhouse in Kincardine, Ontario produces high quality and cost-effective product on a seven-acre, 342,000 square foot facility. Management plans to have approximately 280,000 square feet in productive growing space, 6,000 feet in R&D space, and a 50,000 square foot high-security processing area.

The location in Kincardine lies at the heart of agricultural southern Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron, while standing adjacent to the Bruce Energy Center industrial park. By establishing its first greenhouse in this area, the company is well positioned to take advantage of numerous efficiencies from its size, design, and location, including synergies with nearby agriculture and industrial operations.

On a regulatory level, the company has received all necessary approvals from the municipality, local law enforcement, and local fire authorities. Management also noted the strong support from the local municipality and business community in a mid-September press release, noting that the support has enabled them to maintain a construction schedule that will permit them to grow cannabis by year-end.

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