Aaron’s BCBUD Launches Website to Mark One Month Until Cannabis Legalization

Aaron’s BCBUD was started to fill the need of a more natural, organic cannabis that is grown in small batches, by a team of passionate experts. We sought to create a product that would contain the natural properties of this amazing plant while still being grown in a sustainable, environmental and wholly natural way. We brought on an expert grower with multiple PHDs in plant science to create the best cannabis plants for us.

Our facility, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, was specially chosen for its ample space and naturally available water source. We then tapped that natural spring and will use it to feed our plants. We use this water source as it is undeniably purer and contains less harmful impurities than municipal water. Our 26,000 square foot facility is built to exact specifications to optimize our growing process.  With state of the art technology and old school growing techniques we are set to create a new paradigm of cannabis excellence