Ample Organics Grows “Made in Canada” Seed-to-Sale Technology is an all-in-one software that helps cannabis business owners manage their patients, finances, employees, inventory, and website. Our tools save you time by increasing productivity, while also helping you gain exposure online.

Cannabis licence holders rely on our seed-to-sale software to track and report every stage of their growth, production, and sales processes. AmpleData and Last Call are retail analytics platforms for cannabis and alcohol brands that empower sales teams and revenue growth. AmpleCare allows for secure digital patient registration, AmplePayments provides cannabis-exclusive payment solutions, and AmpleLearn is a dynamic education platform that is standardizing training around the globe. Along with products for regulators, including AmpleExchange for cannabis procurement and AmpleCentral for jurisdictional tracking, our tools create the technological infrastructure for the global cannabis industry.

Dedicated to providing reliable, sustainable, and scalable tools, we continue to develop our technology according to changing regulations and our team is always here to help.

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